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Music Cues

A large list of soundtrack titles that were used in the show. Most tracks are from tv shows, films, and video games. You can listen to the following tracks on sites such as YouTube, keshiheads.co.uk, or a Google/Yahoo! search.

Games Opening Music

Blueberry Hill (Ep 104): Dominion Tank Police OST - 04 TANKUPORISU no korinai tsuratsura

Karaoke: 大木凡人 それなり音頭

On Yer Bike: Grand Prix theme

Puck Over-the card choosing scene (Ep 116)/Blueberry Hill (Ep 113)/Buggy Me: AJAX Cross Point from Konami Game Music Vol 4

Yellow Brick Road/Gauntlet/Tug Of War: Expo エキスポ 1987 赤ちゃんコンクール Concours Baby

Games Background Music: Starting Games

Bite The Bun (Ep 79 and beyond): 1941 movie theme

Flag Down: Disco Star Wars by MECO

Foot Loose: Track 8 from Ganbare,Kickers!

The Fortress: Hospital Chase From Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Great Wall (Ep 64): War From Rocky IV

Great Wall (Ep 66 and beyond)/Slippery Wall (Ep 130): 633 Squadron movie theme

Knock Knock: Kagemusha: Troop Parade II

Line Up (Ep 115): March Of The Elves from Santa Claus The Movie

Line Up (Ep 117): unknown track from Anmitsu Hime

Match Maker: Best Shot From Hoosiers

Roulette: Dominion Tank Police OST - 04 TANKUPORISU no korinai tsuratsura

Games Background Music: Main Games

Avalanche: Bomberman Arranged from Hudson Games Music

Ball Cupping: Dominion Tank Police OST - 05 Leona no tsuiseki

Big Bird (Ep 38-57): Chekov's Run from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Blueberry Hill: Son Son from Capcom Game Music

Bridge Ball/Rope: Combat March (theme from Combat!)

Bridge The Gap: Nuts and Milk Arranged from Hudson Game Music

Buggy Me/Wet Paint: [OVA] バリバリ伝説 [BGM]

Catch It (Baseball): Vibrations by James Last

Catch It (Football): Taiyou Ga Kureta Kisetsu from Sora no Otoshimono

Die Or Pie/Show Of Hands: Sky Kid from Namco Video Game Graffiti

Dino Ride: Ok Corral by Franck Pourcel

Dominoes: The Rat Patrol theme

Dragon Lake (Ep 51 and beyond): Can Can by Offenbach

Extinction: Wolf of the Battlefield from Capcom Game Music

Gauntlet: Super Fantasy Zone - Prome

Go Nuts (Avalanche): Critter Skitter from Critters

Grid Iron:  Raw Power by John Devereaux and David Reilly

High Rollers: Godzilla II: Voyage To Dream Quest

Home Run: Remix of Rush by Territories/Animal's Theme by Godaigo

Honeycomb Maze/Square Maze: Enter The Dragon theme

Knock Knock: Kagemusha: Troop Parade II

Leap Frog: Moving On from the Runaway Train (movie)

Mud Slide: Combat March (baseball cheer song)

Mushroom Trip/Up The Creek/Dragon Lake (Eps 2-43): Indiana Jones/Raiders Of The Lost Ark theme by John Williams

On Yer Bike: T-Square's Celebration

Poles Apart: Power by Bill Conti

Quake: Godzilla legend II Earth Defence Force

Ride The Wave: Star Soldier Arranged from Hudson Game Music

Roller Derby: Hashire Kotaro by Salty Sugar

Roll Out The Barrel (Eps 42-47): Godzilla's Mesa March

Run Way (Human Curling): Super Deadly Drive from Maris the Chojo

Run Way (Maths): Moodido by Toto

Single Roller: The Golden Child theme

Skipping Stones: Escape From Torture from Rambo: First Blood Part II

Skipping Stones (Ep 1)/Dragon Lake (Ep 1): Namco: Libble Rabble

Slipped Disks/Uphill Garden: Thunderbirds theme

Slip Way: Bridge Over The River Kwai by Geoff Love

Tug Of War (choosing the rope): Dot Shooter from Taito Game Music

Tug Of War (pulling the rope): Japonica by Katsuhisa HATTORI

Wipe Out/Fish Food (Ep 55): Instrumental Version Of Surfin USA by the Beach Boys

Games Background Music: Couples Games

Blueberry Hill (Eps 104 and 113): Honky Tonk Piano from Dominion Tank Police

Roll Out The Barrel (Ep 56): Fight Theme from Dragon Quest II

Roll The Dice: Anthena from SNK Game Music

Slip Way (Parent and Child version): Marine's Hym from Full Metal Jacket

Turtle Soup: Mick Meets New York from Crocodile Dundee

Whack The Stack: Battle Of Britain theme

Games Background Music: Beach Games

Deep Float: The Longest Day theme

Drop In The Ocean: FAB feat. MC Parker - Thunderbirds are Go!

Sand Flee: William Tell Overture

Stuff Diving: Sky Kid from Namco Video Game Graffiti

Turtle Hurtle: Mick Meets New York from Crocodile Dundee

Games Background Music: Snow Games

Puck Over (card choosing scene): AJAX Cross Point from Konami Game Music Vol 4 (ep 116)

Puck Over (puck throwing scene): new Hissatsu Shigotonin theme (1981) (新必殺仕事人)

Stuff Diving: Sky Kid from Namco Video Game Graffiti

Games Background Music: Obstacle Course Special Games

Oh Deer: Monja Mura no Soudou from Majin Eiyuu den Wataru

Oh Ma Ha Beach: Prefectural Earth Defence Force: Sanchin Gets Angry

Midoriyama Marathon: [OVA] バリバリ伝説 [BGM]

Rat Race: Adventures from Super Mario Bros. 3: Akihabara Electric Circus

Samurai Back: unknown soundtrack from Anmitsu Hime

Snow Lane: 04-dare-ga-konna-otoko-to-iinazuke from Ranma 1/2

Streets Ahead: アクション・テーマ from Norakuro-Kun

Wipe Out: Waterfront from Super Mario Bros 3: Akihabara Electric Circus

Games Background Music: Specials Games

Boulder Dash (Monsters Special): Symphonic March from Ultraman Symphony

Catch It (Nets) (Ep 116): Track 8 from Ganbare, Kickers!

Cheeze-Berry Hill: Butasan Jaleco Game Music

Corn Cob Trip: Rantou-Ransen-Ranma-Panic from Ranma 1/2

End Bell: The Delta Force theme

Giant Maze: Star Wars theme by John Williams

Pipe Down/Catch It (Nets) (Ep 73): The Golden Child theme

Ro-Jim-Bo: Yakyuken

Sling Swing Fling: Odoru Ponpokorin by The B.B. Queens

Stock Pot Racing: 04-dare-ga-konna-otoko-to-iinazuke from Ranma 1/2

Games Background Music: End Games

Space Invaders: Star Wars theme by John Williams

Showdown: Takeshi's Castle theme tune

Other Music

A contestant dressed as Super Man: Super Man theme by John Williams

Tani rises from the grave: 天と地と 滝 -たき (Heaven and Earth by Waterfall)

Humor Amarillo/Spanish Theme: El chino cudeiro ya esta aqui

Examples Of Songs Used In Karaoke

Yukiguni by Yoshi Ikuzo

Nagisa no Haikara Ningyo by Koizumi Kyoko

Blue Lagoon by Matsuda Seiko

TATTOO by Akina Nakamori

Fall in Love by Akiko Kobayashi

MXC Music Cues

MXC Theme Tune: Bumblefoot by Fireband

Credits song in the Oil Industry vs Makeover Industry episode: Bluebird by John Cacavas and Hal David

Guy watering down a mermaid in the Mega Millionaires vs Where Are They Now? episode: Busy Days from ZZZap!