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Some of our favourite Takeshi's Castle videos from YouTube, followed by a few of our own.

The Official Takeshi's Castle Indonesia YouTube Channel:


The Official Takeshi's Castle Thailand YouTube Channel With Full Episodes:

(unfortunately these episodes are now longer available to anyone outside Thailand!)


All 83 Episodes of Determination Derby (Takeshi's Castle games in the earlier episodes):


Challenge's Q + A With Hayato Tani:

Animal/Brad Lesley Tribute:

Obstacle Course Special Intro (Japanese):

Highlights Of "Olimpiadas do Faustao" (First Brazilian Remake):

Craig Charles talks Takeshi's Castle with glitchedTV2:

MXC Season 1 DVD Trailer (USA):

Takeshi's Castle featured on "Graham Kennedy's News Show", 1988 (Australia):

Takeshi's Castle UK: 10 Years On Challenge (From 2012):


UK Theme Tune:

Background Music:

Kagemusha: Troop Parade II (as heard in Knock Knock):

Thunderbirds Theme (as heard in Slipped Disks and Uphill Garden):

Super Fantasy Zone-Prome (as heard in the Gauntlet):

Godzilla II: Voyage To Dream Quest (as heard in High Rollers):

"Combat!" Theme (as heard in Bridge Ball):

Looking For More? Head over to our Music Cues page where you will find a whole list of soundtrack names that were used in the background of the challenges, theme tunes and other music titles from international versions.

Picture Gallery

Hayato Tani Autograph

I'm the proud owner of an exclusive autograph from Hayato Tani, sent to me by Challenge as a bonus prize from their Takeshi's Castle Awards competition from early 2013. Thanks Challenge (and Tani)!:


Pilot Episode Photos (from Weekly The Television Magazine, No. 19, 1986):

General Takeshi:


Games Map:


Takeshi + Saburo, Great Wall, Skipping Stones:


Square Maze, Boulder Dash, Strait of Gibraltar:


Final Fall, Showdown:



Exclusive Fan Art:


Rice Bowl Downhill by IAmJonnieCount Takeshi by IAmJonnie

Skipping Stones by IAmJonnie

More at: http://iamjonnie.deviantart.com/gallery/52281594/Takeshi-s-Castle-Art