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Japanese Episode 31 (UK Series 2 Ep 9): first water gun battle winner

Japanese Episode 78 (UK Series 4 Ep 21): first parent and child special winners

Japanese Episode 88 (seen in UK Special 5): first laser gun battle with first laser gun battle winner

Japanese Episode 99 (UK Series 1 Ep 39)

Japanese Episode 113 (UK Series 1 Ep 18): second parent and child special winners (not spotted by Craig Charles in the UK version!)

Japanese Episode 118 (UK Series 1 Ep 21): not spotted by Craig Charles in the UK version!

Japanese Episode 123 (UK Series 1 Ep 26): first winner to be spotted by Craig Charles in the UK version

Japanese Episode 124 (UK Series 1 Ep 27): General Tani shoots Takeshi's target and wins for all the contestants in this college girls special (final win to not be spotted by Craig Charles in the UK version!)

Also...In Japanese Episode 9 (UK Series 2 Ep 5), a contestant stabbed Takeshi's paper target with his gun instead of shooting it with water, so therefore the win was disqualified, although because of the way it was edited in the UK version, Craig Charles still declares the contestant as a winner-the same happened with Cuatro's Spanish version. Also in Japanese Episode 20 (UK Series 3 Ep 18), Takeshi drove his car into long grass and got stuck, and was declared as a draw to Takeshi and the contestants-but wasn't an official win.

Trivia And Facts


*The show's theme tune (also the Showdown's BGM) was composed by Tadakazu Onodera.


*In 1987, the Takeshi's Castle set (Midoriyama Studios) was used in a children's' drama 'Not Our Children', where the teachers took part in the challenges as part of a school trip. A clip is available to watch on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdaw6j_not-our-children-special-%E2%85%A1-%EF%BC%94_shortfilms


*President Kaneko was a carpenter who appeared in over 25 episodes of Takeshi's Castle.


*The largest amount of players who ever got to the Showdown were 17, in Japanese episode 75 (the first College Girls special).


*In each episode, about 3 or 4 contestants won the "fighting spirit award" for the best effort when playing a game, the award was a cash prize.


*There was a music video for the song "Story Problem" by The Envy Corps, which was heavily themed around Takeshi's Castle (Click Here to watch it on You Tube).There was also a music video for the song "The Gauntlet" (not to be confused with the british rename of Takeshi's Castle game, Adventure Zone), by UK band Guild of Defiants, with an animation of a 'play doh' contestant playing Takeshi's Castle games made out of house hold items (Click Here to watch on You Tube).


*Australian author, broadcaster, and poet Clive James went to visit the set of Takeshi's Castle as part of his "Clive James in Japan 1987" documentary. He went to visit when they were filming Japan's 42nd episode (the second Parent and Child couples special), for fun he took part in the challenges Slipped Disks, Bridge Ball, and Honeycomb Maze.


*Takeshi's Castle was featured in many "world's weirdest TV" compilation shows such as: "Sat 1 Blick-Kurznachrichten" (Germany, 1988), "Graham Kennedy's News Show" (USA, 1988), "Smash'N Crash'N Sports Action" (USA, 1990), "Tarrant On TV" (UK, late 80's and early 90's), "World's Weirdest TV" (Australia, 1993), "The Best TV You've Never Seen" (USA, 1999).


Adverts and Continuity (UK, Challenge)


Here's a list of Takeshi's Castle adverts, trailers and any other continuity over the years by Challenge in the UK:


Original Trailer (2002): When Takeshi's Castle was first coming to the UK, the first trailer contained clips from Series 1's first episode. Clips included High Rollers, contestants going through a netted off door in Knock Knock, Poles Apart, and a contestant dressed as Strong Kongo at the beginning of Grid Iron.

Happy Clappy Craig ( 2003): Craig Charles sitting in a small Japanese house getting the Takeshi's Castle contestants' punishments such as a swinging wrecking ball, boxing glove on a spring coming out of a box, getting shot with balls, etc.

Charity Appeal (2002 or 2003 (??): Spoofing a charity appeal, a close up of injured Japanese contestants wearing big braces on their necks and mouths...accompanied with a voice over and piano music.


Crème Egg Parody (2003): A trailer for Series 2, which was a parody of the Cadbury's Crème Egg adverts, using a slogan: 'How do you beat yours?', a reference to Crème Eggs' 'How do you eat yours?'.


Series 4 Trailer (2003): Selection of clips played in slow motion accompanied with a Japanese woman's voice-over.


Specials Trailer (2003): When the one hour specials were yet to be aired, the trailer contained clips of the General going on a road trip to find contestants in different parts of Japan. Clips contained Dragon Lake at sea, Deep Float, Prod, Tobogoff, Tani getting hit on the head by 'Mother Lee', and getting a slap on the face by his wife.


Donkey Konga Sponsorship (2004): For 6 weeks during 2004, Takeshi's Castle was sponsored by GameCube video game Donkey Konga. The sponsorship had a Takeshi's Castle contestant playing the Donkey Konga game, while Konga himself is hitting the contestant on the head with objects like a big banana, and a washing machine.


Head To Head (2004): Craig Charles voice-overs trailers for 'Keshi's Head-To-Head'. This ran every Friday at 6pm for 5 weeks during the summer of 2004. Challenge chose two randomly selected specials, and viewers had to text or phone in with their favourite episode. The special that won the most votes was shown that night. The results were (winning specials marked bold): Week 1: A-Z Of Takeshi's Castle vs Rebuilding The Castle, Week 2: Mud Glorious Mud vs Revenge Of The Emerald Guard, Week 3: Stolen Wellies vs Tour Of Japan Part 1, Week 4: Takeshi On Holiday vs Tour Of Japan Part 2, Week 5: Monsters! vs The Final Episode.


Graphics Trailer (2005): A series of contestants playing the games, all done in computer graphics, accompanied with random phrases such as 'make a leap', 'rock n roller'.


Takeshi's MXC (2005): A trailer for America's MXC (titled as Takeshi's MXC in the listings). It featured clips from the 'Inventors vs. Ex-child Actors' episode.


Japanese Invasion (2007): Based on the world wars, black and white footage of contestants and the General. The only colour used in the trailer was red (for the helmets, Knock Knock doors, etc.)-representing the Japanese flag.


Heroes (2012): Clips of eliminated contestants accompanied with 'My Hero' by Foo Fighters.


Sky TV Game (2012): On 2nd August 2012 in the UK, Sky released an interactive Skipping Stones challenge to play on the TV. Basically you use the arrow keys on your remote to move the contestant round a course of stepping stones to claim stars. Each level comes with more stones and monsters chasing you. The first two levels are free there was a charge for level 3 and beyond.


Rebooted (2013): The original General Tani introduces the 'rebooted' series in Japanese(with English subtitles).


Filming Locations

Click on the location's name to view an ariel photo on Google Maps.


Green Mountain/Midoriyama Studios, Yokohama: Where the main show was filmed. Midoriyama.co.jp 


Osaka Castle Park: Catch It (Nets), Knock Knock and Karaoke were filmed outside Okinawa Castle in the 1988 New Years Special (Ep 73). Samurai Back was also played here in the Obstacle Course Special (Ep 131).


Echigo Yuzawa: A town famous for it's hot springs and ski resorts. The Snow Special (Ep 86) was filmed here.


Hokkaido: The snow games in Episodes 28, 73 and 116 were filmed at a ski resort area in Hokkaido. Snow Lane was also filmed here in the Obstacle Course Special (Ep 131). Stock Pot Racing, Cheeze-Berry Hill and Corn Cob Trip were all played in a field near by a beach in Hokkaido in Episode 130.


Hiroshima, Miyajima: Oh Deer was played here in the Obstacle Course Special (Ep 131). Match Maker, Slip Way, and Dragon Lake were also played on a beach in Hiroshima in Episode 130.


Okinawa: The beach locations from the 3 new year specials. Oh Ma Ha Beach from the Obstacle Course Special (Ep 131) was played at Renaissance Okinawa Resort (as seen in the Google Maps link).


Sakurajima Volcano,Kagoshima: Catch It (Nets), Knock Knock, and Karaoke were played in the grounds of Sakurajima Volcano in the 1989 New Years Special (Ep 116).


The mudflats of Saga Prefecture : Where Mudskippers, Show Of Hands, and Ball Cupping were played in the Takeshi's Castle Returns/Best Of Japan Special (Ep 130).


Prinsengracht, Amsterdam: On New Years Eve, I stayed in Amsterdam, Holland. I came across a canal called Prinsengracht (Prince's Canal), this was the exact place where General Tani and his winning Dutch contestants had a paddle boat ride in Takeshi's Castle Episode 106 (the 'lost' International Special). I took a photograph of the canal, click here to view it. In case you need a reminder, here it is in Keshi Heads' exclusive edit of the episode (skip to 10:19) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb8rH8VDGR4


And More...Streets Ahead was played in Tokyo near by a train station not too far from Tokyo Tower (Ep 131). Giant Maze, Ride The Wave, and Knock Knock were filmed at a National Park in Kyoto the 1987 New Years special (Ep 28).