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Japanese DVD's

DVD Website

It was announced on 7th August 2009 that two Japanese DVD's of Takeshi's Castle would be released by the Media Factory. Both DVD sets contain a selection of episodes edited into best of's and characters sketches on three discs. Both sets also come with a booklet: Volume 1 contains a games guide, and Volume 2 contains exclusive cast interviews and a complete episode guide. Volume 1 was released on November 20th 2009 and Volume 2 on February 26th 2010.


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Both sets also came with tokens you can send off to get an exclusive board game and mini water pistol.

Opening Theme On CD

Released on 14th October 2009, a CD of soundtracks from TBS TV shows, and the Takeshi's Castle theme/Showdown BGM features amoung them (Track 12).

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German DVD

A German Takeshi's Castle DVD came out in February 2008. It featured 12 selected episodes from the DSF series on a 3 disc set. It came with an info booklet containing info on the show, international versions, cast members, and games. There were plans for 2 more releases but this has sadly been cancelled.

Takeshi's Castle Das Original Volume 1: Buy From Amazon.de

American/MXC DVD's

MXC first came out on DVD in October 2006. The DVD's contain 13 episodes on 2 discs, followed by original Takeshi's Castle episodes with English subtitles, and the top 25 moments of the volume. Other special features are also available on some DVD's, such as episode commentaries from the MXC production company (Season One), and a behind the scenes feature (Season Two).

Season 1 DVD Pictures  Season 2 DVD Pictures 

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Italian DVD

A DVD containing highlights from the first Italian version of Takeshi's Castle (Mai Dire Banzai), was released 24th April 2012 as part of the 'Mai Dire Story' DVD box set, Takeshi's Castle was the 10th DVD in the box set.

It's a rare item to buy, as there are no purchase links any where on the internet, apart from the Italian Amazon, although no copies are currently in stock.

Examples of games that are featured on the DVD include Honeycomb Maze, Uphill Garden, Gauntlet, Sumo Rings on the beach, and Rice Bowl Downhill...as seen on the upload on YouTube.

DVD cover art: http://takeshikingdom.webs.com/italiadvd.jpg

Mobile Games

Japan: An official mobile website operated by TBS: "TBS Game Park", released a "Strait Of Gibraltar" (Bridge Ball) mobile game. Here are some screenshots from news2u.net: "Strait Of Gibralter" Game, Cartoon Takeshi, Cartoon Tani.

Spain: An animated mobile phone game of Takeshi's Castle ("Humor Amarillo"). It featured mini playable games like Bite The Bun, Skipping Stones, High Rollers, Wipe Out, Avalanche and Bridge Ball.

Original Merchandise

Original Takeshi's Castle merchandise can still be purchased on Japanese auction websites. Yahoo and Jauce are two sites we strongly recommend:




Famicom(NES)/Family Trainer Mat Games (1987, 1988): Two Takeshi's Castle Famicom games were released. The challenges that were included in the games were 'Great Wall', 'Honeycomb Maze', 'Slipway', 'Knock Knock', 'Fish Food', 'Wipe Out', 'Skipping Stones' and 'Bridge Ball'.


Build And Play Sets (1987): There were 4 types of Build and Play sets, where you could build mini creations of the challenges.


Board Games (various years): A selection of Takeshi's Castle board games were released, where you have to move your contestants round the board to the castle.


Video (1991): The one and only VHS release of the show, featuring a selection of the best moments.


Water Pistols: A selection of Takeshi's henchmen water pistols, one of them coming with a red helmet and paper rings.*


Sticker Set: There was a pack of stickers of cartoon versions of the characters and challenges.*


"To The Top Of The Castle": A pachinko style game where you had to get a small silver ball up to the castle before the time runs out.*


"Screwball Scramble": A Takeshi's Castle themed version of the classic game 'Screwball Scramble' (also known as 'SNAFU Time') where you have to make a small silver ball travel round a course before the time runs out. Released by TOMY.*


"Boxing Beast Punching Toy": A toy based on 'The Boxing Beast' from the 'Knock Knock'/'Wall To Freedom' challenge, where you shoot out one of his fists out of a tube.*


"Daruma-san Koronda" Board Game: A board game based on the 'Blueberry Hill'/'Mr Daruma Tumbled' challenge.*

* = release date unknown



There have been many other types of Takeshi's Castle merchandise such as phone cards, an electronic toy, a kite, T-shirts, an inflatable Takeshi doll, and a vinyl record with songs sung by Takeshi's henchmen.